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How to use Aroma File Manager Android Recovery

Learning how to use Aroma File Manager for tweaking stock recovery on my Gionee M2 Android back then was one of top things in my bucket list, but one thing lead to another, I was always looking for Aroma File Manager latest version for download, but before I tell how I solve these two things, it'd be best if I tell you what Android Recovery File Manager is.


What is Android Recovery File Manager?

An Android Recovery File Manager is like every other Android app you can download and install in your phone. But what makes it stand out is that it is one of the optimizing Android apps every Android user should have on their phone not for having sakes, but because they help to enhance the performance of your Android phone. In other words, Android Recovery File Manager is an application that organizes your system files and provides a user interface for you to locate them while in recovery mode.


Why You Should Have Android Recovery File Manager

You'd agree with me that what makes Android OS stand among other most popular mobile OS and probably makes it the best Operating Systems for smartphones is its flexibility. Throwing more light on flexibility - the ability of an Android user to download and install compatible apps with the same functionality (but from random and different developers), and generally, customize their device in the best way they can. Not only that, and can seamlessly share these apps with fellow Android OS users, and when you talk more on customization, that's when you delve into tweaking the custom ROM and recovery, and you can't do that without at least one Android recovery file manager, and that why it is imperative that you know how to How to use Aroma File Manager or any other app of your choice, provided you achieve the desired goal.


Is Aroma File Manager the Best Android Recovery File Manager?

This is a question that rings on the minds of almost every Android user who wants to get more from their Android phones in terms of customizations. But the answer to this question boils down to the preference of the user. Whether you installed it on a Phone, Tablet or Computer, the results will still be the same provided you know what you are doing. Personally, I used Aroma File manager to work on my phone(s) Tablet or Computer recovery menu and the results were all as expected, the most important thing is that I knew what I am doing.


What is Aroma File Manager?

Aroma File Manager is an advanced Android Recovery File Manager app that lists the organization and then lets you locate all your Android files and directories while the device is in recovery mode. But just in case you have no idea what Android recovery mode is - Android Recovery Mode allows you to access the bootable partition of your Android phone that has a recovery installed. So, in essence, Aroma Android Recovery File Manager is the app that lets you have access to the files and folders that make up your Android phone's ROM and recovery mode.


How to Install Aroma Android Recovery File Manager?

This where some people might get it mixed up thinking that Aroma file manager is just like your traditional Android app, without knowing that it is a program in a flashable Zip package that can be flashed using either TWRP, Philz, or CWM recovery and then provide an interface with your Android's files and directories displayed in it when launched after installation.

Aroma File Manager

Features of Aroma File Manager

There are several features and functionalities that make Aroma Android recovery file manager stand out among similar apps that perform similar functions and they are as follows.

  • Aroma File Management Operations - This is just like your traditional file management and file manipulations like file navigation, cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, create a new folder, etc but all while in your phone's recovery mode.


  • Aroma File Manager Security Unlock - File manipulation and file management isn't the only thing that can be done with aroma Android recovery file manager. Security is of great importance to the guys at XDA forum that is why the app comes with the ability to use pins, patterns, and a more advanced biometric authentication like Fingerprint sensor and eye Scanners all to make sure that security isn't flawed.

Aroma file manager helps you do more like changing the location of files even without accessing the file manager on Android. You can as well change user permissions which will in turn limit access to certain files by unauthorized users.

Still, on security, I've seen several cases where Android phone user will set some sort of security on their phone which can be pin, password, pattern or the more recent biometric security. Forgetting your phone unlocking details isn't something that a person that deliberately do, but it sure happens when the phone is left for quite some time or the owner of the phone changes their phone unlock details one too many times.


Be that as it may, android recovery file manager like Aroma can help you gain access to your phone. The magic behind it is that Aroma file manager pattern-unlock feature will grant you access to your phone's system files and allow you to DELETE the pattern lock.

In other words, there will no longer be any security pin, password, pattern. etc on the phone when you reboot and you are only required to swipe to unlock the screen.


  • Aroma File Manager Bootloop - If you familiar with flashing moded ROM files, you'd know pretty well that the saying "you can never be too careful" is greatly at play here and that the best practice here is to always have a backup in its pristine condition which I stressed the importance when discussing about How to Fix Unfortunately Process has Stopped that is commonly seen in Android phones. And also to avoid a situation experiencing Android is Optimizing Apps Starting Loop, I mean you'd want their phone to be stuck at boot loop where the phone restarts repeatedly?

But if one thing led to another and you find yourself in such situation, just know today that Instead of flashing a mod or stock again, Aroma File Managing app can help you locate a backup copy of the file.


How and Where to Download Aroma Android Recovery File Manager

Thanks to the guys XDA Forum for providing us with download links of aroma file manager, starting from the latest version down to the previous versions which comes in handy in any case you encounter any issues with the latest version of android recovery file manager which is version 1.80 (at the time of publishing this article). But before you proceed, there are some prerequisites that are expected to be met, and they are

  • One of the newer Android versions.

  • Custom ROM recovery installed on your Android such as TWRP.

  • A battery juice left on your phone should be at least above 50% to ensure the device does not go down while in operation.

  • Make a backup copy of your files such as gallery files, contacts as well as messages.

You can download Aroma File Manager version 1.80 from this download link provided by the guys at XDA forum. Or version 1.91 Zip file using each of the embedded links. But you can expect a slight problem which can be a notification message 'aroma file manager installation aborted'. This is handled in a later section which can be downloaded from any of the following download links below


How to Use Aroma File Manager

Without much time, I’ll walk you through the whole process which involves flashing file manager which are as follows

  • Download the Aroma File Manager zip file.

  • Store it directly on your device's external memory and not within a folder in the external memory.

  • Access Android's Recovery mode - Switch off your device. ==>>  While the device is off, simultaneously hold down the Power Key and Volume lower key.

Now, while in the recovery mode,

  • Select, 'Install from SD card'.

  • Locate where the Aroma Zip file is on your phone and select it.

On selection, the flashing will begin and the File Manager is launched.

How to Resolve Aroma File Manager Installation Aborted

This is the simplest way to fix Aroma File Manager Installation Aborted which is mostly encountered after launching the latest version.

  1.    Reboot to Recovery

  2.    While in the recovery mode, Select 'Advance'.

  3.    Navigate to Wipe.

  4.     Select the options Wipe Cache, Dalvik Partition, System, Data.

  5.     Finally, select Aroma_File_Manager.Zip and try to flash again.


Aroma File Manager is my favorite Android recovery file manager and is useful to many, including regular Android smartphone Users, Android developers, Themes modders, as well as overall modders.

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