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Fitbit Ionic Setup, Gestures, Tips & Tricks

So I am guessing you read my candid opinion and reviews on the features of Fitbit Ionic and decided to get this wonderful fitness tracker/smartwatch(-ish). And now you have this device on your wrist looking fitting, sharp and ready to go, but then again you have no idea where to begin or what and what to set up, do not worry, because this article on Fitbit ionic setup is all for you. Just get your smartwatch ready and follow these simple guidelines and your new fancy watch will be ready to go.

Fitbit Ionic setup-tips and tricks-gestures


Several features of Fitbit Ionic which I've found to be interesting are many, but what I find to be most intriguing is the addition of Fitbit's very own app store and a place to find and customize new watch faces. Having all these new additions make the Ionic stands out of the previous trackers by the company. Some would say that it is the company's smartest fitness-first watch yet, would some would say it is a smartwatch, whichever the case is, they aren't wrong.

What Are The Fitbit Ionic setup I should Set in my Smartwatch

Now having this fitness tracker/smartwatch is one thing, while knowing what to do with it or where to begin is another thing entirely. So to answer your question, “where do I even begin with something that does a lot more than previous Fitbits”? I have written this article on Fitbit Ionic setup to help you get started from turning on the device, customizing, installation of Fitbit Apps, down to troubleshooting.


Steup and Get The App(s)

Fitbit Ionic setup


The setup which is usually the first thing to do shouldn't be that hard, a tap here, a swipe there and a couple of minutes you'll be all set. After getting the smartwatch, the first thing you should do is to get the Fitbit app for your smartphone which is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows. But if you don't have a smartphone, or you don't wish to run Fitbit on a mobile device, there a is Fitbit software meant for Windows PC.


The Fitbit App is compatible with over 200 different devices running on these aforementioned mobile OS. However, if you wish to know more, or if you are curious whether or not the app and syncing of your Fitbit Ionic will work, you can use this tool provided by Fitbit to check compatibility.


Whether you are ok with using it on PC or with a mobile phone, you'll also have to sign up for a Fitbit account.



Pair the Ionic with your respective device

Now that you've gotten the app and you've created a Fitbit account, next thing to do is to meet your Fitbit, ie pair and connect it with your device by following these simple steps;

1.   Find and select the Ionic from the list of Fitbit devices. 

2.   The app will instruct you to plug your watch in, once the watch is plugged in, just wait for a couple of seconds.

3.   After a while, the app will begin a search for any Ionic device that is available to pair with.

4.   Upon finding a match, tap on the Ionic listed and ensure the four-digit number in the app matches the number displayed on the watch. (just like pairing a Bluetooth device).

It is important to note that depending on your device, you may have to approve more Bluetooth connections at later times (which are sometimes referred to as "Bluetooth LE") in order to keep your device synced and allow for notifications.

Connect to a network

After you've paid your Fitbit Ionic with your phone, the next thing to is to get it connected to a Wi-Fi network. Like me, you might feel reluctant to complete this last step, but it is very imperative that you do because doing so will enable your tracker to download and install software updates, as well as sync music to the watch in the future.

Depending on your location and internet speed, the process might take a while, (say 10 - 20 minutes) so you will have to exercise and wait for the process to complete. Please do not interrupt the process until you get a notification that the installation has been completed.

If you are like me who likes to explore thing, there are a handful of things you can be doing while the update is on-going and they are,

  • You have the option of tapping through various features of the watch or skipping past it. 

  • You'll also need to approve sharing your location with Fitbit (used to track runs and workouts)

  • Get introductions and advice on how to wear the tracker as well as basic navigation tips, etc.

Fitbit Ionic Gestures and Navigation


Now that you have successfully completed the setup of Fitbit Ionic fitness tracker/smartwatch, it is time to seriously delve into it and see what and what you can do with this little piece of beauty. To navigate the device the Ionic has a touchscreen, along with physical buttons. Each of these buttons and swipes has a different function depending on where you are in the device. From the home screen, 


  • Swipe up:  Displays notifications

  • Swipe down:  Music controls

  • Swipe right:  Shortcut to limited settings 

  • Swipe left:  View installed apps

Button Navigation

After you are done with getting yourself acquainted with the swipes and their various functions, the next thing you need to do is to get familiar with the buttons and how to use them for navigation. There are only 3 physical buttons on the Fitbit Ionic and each of these buttons has a dual function depending on how they are pressed.

  • The left button acts as your back button while pressing and holding it (The left button) for 2 seconds launches Fitbit Pay. The Fitbit Pay is used this to make a mobile payment anywhere they are accepted. 

  • Pressing the top-right button will launch the first app in your Fitbit app list while a long press will open music playback controls.

  • The bottom-right button gives you a quick access to the third app in your Fitbit app list, while a long-press displays notifications.

Install Fitbit Apps

Fitbit Iconic comes with a Fitbit app store that houses several paid and free apps from the Fitbit themselves and some selected third-party developers. However, you can't access the app store from the tracker itself, rather you'll need to use the Fitbit app on your phone to access the apps store.

How to Install Fitbit Apps?

  • Launch the app from your phone

  • after opening the app, tap the watch icon in the top-left corner then tap on Apps. 

  • You will then notice that the apps store will be sorted into 2 tabs. (apps you have installed on your watch and the apps available in the store). Other places (tabs) of interest in the app store includes;

The My Apps tab - from here, you can edit settings for each app you've installed, such as entering your Starbucks Card number or sign into Strava. 

From The My Apps tab again you can also uninstall any app you have installed, (even the apps that were preinstalled by Fitbit). Simply tap on the app >>> then select Remove from the next screen.

The All Apps tab - where you can browse and download any available app(s) you wish. There is nothing special about the Fitbit apps store, apps for your tracker are made available here and you can download them as you'd download apps from any other app store.

And for the paid apps, it depends on the developer of the apps to set how he or she would want to be paid as well as apps licensing, the payment process isn't handled by Fitbit. 

Viewing, Launching and Rearranging apps in Fitbit ionic


The same way the 3 buttons on the Ionic performs a dual function, is also the same way the screen performs more than 1 task. From the home screen, swipe to the left on the Fitbit Ionic's watch face to view installed apps, (it'll be displayed in a 4x4 grid). Further swiping to the left will display more installed apps, then tap any app to launch it.

However, if you wish to rearrange installed apps, long-press on the app's icon and then drag it to your preferred location.

Fitbit Ionic Watch Faces

A smartwatch isn't a smartwatch if it doesn't offer any interactive watch faces which be used to tweak and beautify the looks of your Ionic. You can download, install and tweak a watch face through the Fitbit app which can only accessible through the mobile phone app.

How to To Get Fitbit watch faces?

  • Launch the app from your phone, 

  • Tap on the watch icon, then followed by Clock Faces. 

  • You will notice similarities between this section with the previously viewed apps section in terms of tabs and arrangements. The first tab is the current face which you are using. The second page is the storefront for watch faces which were made available by Fitbit and/or third-party developers.

Please that Some Fitbit watch faces come with different and more customization options than others. Some faces allow you to alter colors, change what information is displayed each time your watch lights up. To know what options that are available in your current watch face, just tap on the face you have installed on the My Clock page to view any settings related to that face.

Finally, with Fitbit Watch Faces, you can only install a single face at a time and you will need to revisit this section of the Fitbit app again whenever you want to redownload and change faces.

Sync Music

Let's say your phone isn't nearby, you can use your tracker in place of your phone to get your music tracks on the go because the Fitbit Ionic has some extra storage for users to sync music playlists.

How to Get Music in Fitbit Ionic?

There are two ways to get your music to the watch. 

  • The first option is by either signing up for a Pandora Plus account and sync your favorite stations to the watch. 

  • Alternatively by installing Fitbit's PC/Mac app to manually sync music to the Ionic.

To get your music playlists to the Ionic just follow these steps, 

  • Launch the Fitbit app 

  • Navigate to the Media tab. 

  • From here you can select either the stations from Pandora which you want to have always available, as well as get instructions for syncing music from your computer.

Connect other devices to your Fitbit Ionic (eg headphones)

Fitbit Ionic setup


With music available in your smartwatch, you will need a way to listen to it and one of the best way(s) to do that is by connecting a Bluetooth headset to the Ionic. The Ionic can connect to Bluetooth headphones and enable to you stream music straight from your wrist to your ears.

How to Pair and Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Fitbit Ionic?

To pair headphones with the Ionic,

  • Launch the Settings app on the watch, 

  • Then scroll down and select Bluetooth >>> New Device. 

  • If you own a pair of Fitbit's Bluetooth Flyer earbuds, the watch will automatically connect to them as long as they are already in pairing mode. 

  • And if you do not own a pair of Fitbit's Bluetooth Flyer earbuds, the watch will provide a list of Bluetooth headphones it found and ask which device you'd like to connect to.

And that is all about The Fitbit Ionic setup, Gestures of Fitbit Ionic, How to install apps in Fitbit Ionic as well as several other tips and tricks you need to know about Fitbit Ionic to enable work better with your best fitness tracker an get the most out of it.

NB: All image credits to Jason Cipriani/CNET


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