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Best 2019 (best tts engine android) Text to Speech Apps for AndroidPhones

What are the best tts engine android apps? That's usually the first question that comes to mind when you talk about Text to speech which by the way is my is one of my all-time favourite technological advancements. It is a technology translates and reads out a text that appeared on a screen to your hearing. 

Webopedia defined text to speech TTS as a form of speech synthesis that converts text into a spoken voice output. It was originally developed to aid the visually impaired individuals by offering them a computer-generated spoken voice that would "read" text to their hearing, and today we will be reviewing the best tts engine Android apps that are available both free and paid on the Google play store.

Now in the 21st century where technology has become so much advanced, text to speech isn't exclusive to the visually impaired anymore. Almost everyone who understands the basic concept of text to speech makes use of the technology. Having a text to speech app that reads out texts and notifications to you on your Android phone has its perks.

Besides the obvious advantage which is to read out texts to you while you handling your regular day to day activities, text to speech apps can be extremely handy for everyone, regardless of your position.

Whether you're handsy at the moment and can't get to your phone, or you just can't get to your phone at the moment. Or you simply tired and you'd wish to hear what's waiting for you on your phone. Then a nice little reliable text to speech app can come in handy.

Below is a short list of TTS apps that you can download from the apps store and install to your phone. These apps are suitable and can be accessed by any Android phone user irrespective of their level. The Top 5 Text to Speech Apps in 2018 – Android Edition is as follows

#1.  Acapela TS Voices

Acapela Text to Speech app isn't just your regular TTS app. It can translate and give you voice output/results in up to 30 different languages/voices. The app comes in 2 variants, the free mode which has a limited feature and number of available voices. Then the premium version which has all the features, voices and translations unlocked.

Acapella TS Voices is compatible with Google as well as other Google Apps and Products. all you gotta do is to sign in and you're good to go.

It has an inbuilt tutorial to help you make maximum use of the app and have you using it like a professional from the beginning.

Besides its compatibility with Google, FGoogle Apps, and Google Products, the app also, can be used to learn new languages or to read any sort of online book or social media newsfeed.

Acapella TS Voices is a great app (no doubt) but the only downside is that you'll have to spend a few dollars to get the full version unlocked with all its features intact. But I supposed it isn't much to ask for, considering the amount of work that was put together to make the app. And the money will be a means to make it worthwhile for the developers.

#2.   Talk – Text to Voice Free

Talk – Text to Voice Free is a very simple text to speech app for Android users. It comes highly recommended for users that want nothing else besides your regular TTS. It comes with a handful of features like reading whatever it is that is on your screen and also converting it to a WAV audio file that you can play back later.

Sleek, neat and simple interface. The app also has the ability to import any text file into the app and then have it played for you.

Its ability to export audio outputs and saving it as a .WAV audio file can be a great importance and can serve as a time-saving tool. You can collect a ton of audio files to save to your device for use later or to allow others to listen to.

I would recommend this app for users that want to keep text to speech as simple as it is, without anything out of the ordinary.

#3.   Voice Aloud Reader

The unique feature of Voice Aloud Reader text to speech app is that it allows you to open almost any sort of file and have it read what is displayed on your screen. Irrespective of the language of the text to be played, you can have the voice output played in several languages including English, Chinese and Japanese, which will very much come in handy for people who are studying abroad or just studying foreign languages (for the native language speakers).

Voice Aloud reader text to speech app comes with a feature that allows you to add saved articles from external sources like Dropbox and Google Drive to the app and then have it read to you.

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You can also use the app to look up stuff from search engines like Wikipedia and Google. Just speak into this app and have it do the rest for you (of course you'll have to be connected to the internet first).

It comes with a series of getting started and instructional videos that you can watch on the app to get a good sense of how the app works and learning all of its functions.

#4.   Ivona Text to Speech HQ

Most OEMs(s) build a default text to speech app to their phones, before launching them to the market. But if in any case, your phone doesn't come with any default text to speech functionality, then Ivona Text to Speech HQ is your best alternative.

The major concern of text to speech apps is the voices sound more robotic than human, but the thing I love most about this app is that the voices on this app sound more natural and easy to understand. Thanks to its Bright Voice technology which is the latest in the text to speech innovation.

For the less tech-savvy Android phone users, Ivona is easy to use and navigate. It comes available in a few different languages, voices, accents, and genders, so rest assured that you will definitely find a speaker who appeals to you. 

Ivona isn't just a regular text to speech, you can have it integrated to your navigational system and have it read out your routes to you, so you can see that it isn't meant for only literature.

All these wonderful features are packed into Ivona text to speech app for free of charge. Once downloaded, it takes up very little space on your phone memory because it is very lightweight and will not drain your battery life on its own.

Unfortunately, Ivona Text to Speech HQ isn't available at the Google PlayStore at the moment, you can download a sideloaded version of it from Apk Mirror

#5.   Google Text to Speech

This list wouldn't be complete if the Google Text to Speech isn't included. From its name, you will know that it is a text to speech app developed by Google themselves and it is often pre-installed on most Android phones. Several reasons Google Text to Speech may seem to be the best TTS app for most users would be;

✓   It has the clearest pronunciation of words and has the clearest speakers available.

✓   It is completely free on the Google Play store

✓   It supports a ton of different languages including Cantonese (Hong Kong),  English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Mandarin (China) etc.

✓   It works with almost all the Android for most Android users.

✓   It can control your phone settings, which is a feature that is hardly seen in other TTS apps.

The Google Text to Speech app is still supported by its developers (Google) and it is constantly being worked on and updated.

Conclusion on the Best tts Engine Android

All of these apps besides Google Text to Speech which comes pre-installed were tested on the Samsung Galaxy S7, and have been determined to be the best available text to speech apps for the Android.

It doesn't matter if you have reading difficulties or not, and your hearing doesn't have to be compared with that of Bat, Dog, Cat, Horse, Dolphin or an Owl. Just download and install any of these apps and you are good to go.

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